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July 30, 2013
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Fantastic Stock and Where to Find It - Feature 28

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 30, 2013, 12:40 PM
:library: I've been making a collection of some of the brilliant stock artists
works that I have come across. It started off as stock I can't provide
myself so I look for other peoples so I can suggest them. The way I
choose is quite odd, when I see a stock image I have an instant image in
my head of what I could do or create out of that piece of stock. The
image also has to be crystal clear and easily altered.

Anyway, Check them out, I'm sure you'll agree, just click on their deviation.

:star: Animals :

Butterfly ref3 by LadyAnder Butterfly by LadyAnder Pole Position by vabserk Ringneck pheasant 5 by ravenofthenight Fuzzy Terror by DeadHeadStock Peacock 009 by MonsterBrand-stock Peacock 010 by MonsterBrand-stock Bird 309 - suspicious crow by Momotte2stocks Bug with a Bites by myeyesinthemirror Rory 76 by thetamar Ulysses 23 by ravenofthenight SnowLeopardStock4 by TheMysticWolf Meerkat2 by TheMysticWolf Butterfly Green by uranium1987 Meerkat 2 by lucky128stocks Rain 12 by ravenofthenight Butterfly stock by AdamSherratt <da:thumb id="387263381"/> CatherineCross Barn Owl by CatherineCross Dragonfly by morgh-us crane by chasmdeep bug by doro20 Amata Phegea 4 by FuriarossaAndMimma

:star: Texture :
Texture Pack 21 by Sirius-sdz Texture 342 by Sirius-sdz Texture 64 by Sisterslaughter165 Stock image - Antlers by StanHoneyThief Sticks Texture Vampstock  by VAMPSTOCK Paper Weave Texture Vampstock by VAMPSTOCK Texture 74 by Sisterslaughter165 Grunge_Blue_Lines_Texture_HMahr_1 by HeikoMahr some weird texture on a marble wall by jionni1986

:star: Nature :

Valley Of Salt Mining by AustriaAngloAlliance Shrooms by KuRiKo07 Pink Dahlias (from my garden) by theresahelmer Puzzlewood 14 by LadyxBoleyn Puzzlewood 15 by LadyxBoleyn Puzzlewood 86 by LadyxBoleyn Puzzlewood 87 by LadyxBoleyn Beach Boardwalk - Exclusive Vintage Grunge II by somadjinn Remarkable Rocks Stock (06) by GhostlyStudios Montain-stock streamy by streamy-stock Montain-stock streamy by streamy-stock Montain-stock streamy by streamy-stock Snowy Mountains Background by Burtn Little Waterfall Background by AustriaAngloAlliance Glacier 184 by AlaskanStock

:star: Models :

Daena 11 by Kuoma-stock Daena 7 by Kuoma-stock stock by vishstudio Oceans of Sky 10 by Elandria Cyber1 by Nydiwia-stock Cyber2 by Nydiwia-stock <da:thumb id="379393395"/> Oceans of Sky 03 by Elandria Stormborn 3 by Jaymasee In the desert - stock by Mirish Danielle umbrella 4 by CathleenTarawhiti Donella 5 by kirilee stock by vishstudio Mother of Dragons Exclusives 3 by mizzd-stock The Walking Dead - Stock by KaylaDavion Nymph 8 by Mirish In black 03 by Anna-LovelyMonster <da:thumb id="384020799"/> Told ya it was bigger by Maiden-Of-Mischief Black Fire 3 by Jaymasee Elf 26 by chirinstock dark dress, sitting by jlior Showdown 9 by syccas-stock stock by vishstudio Mother of Dragons Exclusives 5 by mizzd-stock Donella 18 by kirilee Hippy Girl 17 by Digimaree CHRD13_03.1 by jademacalla Mystery by IwakitoYang Golden 20 by Chamarjin Golden 12 by Chamarjin Silver Girl 2 - stock by Mirish Model Stock by Prithvi-Enoch Ann Red Hat #5 by ursus25 Victoriana35 by faestock Victoriana27 by faestock PFAR: Six by lindowyn-stock PFAR: Four by lindowyn-stock PFAR: Two by lindowyn-stock The Keys by Estruda BellyDance 02 by tsubasacompany-stock Deep Woods Wizardry 2 by lindowyn-stock Green Dress 30 by Fluffybunny29stock deer antler fantasy stock 8 by Liancary-Stock Kill You In The Face - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Victoriana44 by faestock motto girl 3 by AlenaKrause <da:thumb id="389409172"/> Lady Autumn 4 by Kuoma-stock Doll Stock by Azaak

:star: Objects :

Cornucopia 2 by wintersmagicstock Europe Trip 2013 4 by KokaStock Hot Air Balloon 9 by KokaStock Laughing skull stock by Twimperology Bird Skull by AlaskanStock Gaslight Petrol Lamp by Jantiff-Stocks Big Lattern Stock by FullMoonWarriors Old machine 10 by Flare-Star Old machine 07 by Flare-Star Objekt 17 by Flare-Star Statue VIII (Firenza) by Esmeralda-stock battleship 30 by januarystock battleship 16 by januarystock Indian Peafowl Feathers by CabinetCuriosities Lormet-Ancient-Jewelery-0076-01 by Lormet-Images Well 02 by Fae-Melie-Melusine Giant Clam Shell by CabinetCuriosities Hand Clock 2 by FullMoonWarriors

:star: Architecture Int & Ex :

L'Hemisferic in Turquoise by EveLivesey Sestre Levante door 2 by Wolkenfels-Stock Stock: Wooden Mushroom Structure by TimelessFlight Window 0010 by Waya-Stocks Blackpool Tower Ballroom 4K by kippa2001 Puzzlewood 89 by LadyxBoleyn Near Montepulciano by Esmeralda-stock ruins 87 by chasmdeep Old factory Stock 173 by Malleni-Stock Beach Boardwalk - Exclusive Vintage Grunge I by somadjinn Old factory Stock 182 by Malleni-Stock Old factory Stock 179 by Malleni-Stock Old factory Stock 175 by Malleni-Stock Old factory Stock 186 by Malleni-Stock Oxford College corner by fuguestock Juliet's Balcony 2 by fuguestock Lifeguard's Hut by EveLivesey Lormet-Architecture-038-759 by Lormet-Images A Kings Last Rest 03 RESTRICTED by Elandria Raw 11 by picmouse-stock Stone Steps.. by Alz-Stock-and-Art Belvis de Monroy Castle by AustriaAngloAlliance Decin Stock by KETZA666 Gothic library 02 by ForestGirlStock Courtyard of San Jeronimos Monastery by AustriaAngloAlliance

:star: Transport :

RockStocks 7873 by RockStocks Plane Crash 1 by ktryon Steam Engine 2 by Blargofdoom-Stock us car 5 by Anschi71

:star: Premades   :

Premade Background  1441 by AshenSorrow Stock-Premade background22 by Gwendolyn1-stock Cracked Earth Red by kuschelirmel-stock Stock-Premade background23 by Gwendolyn1-stock Underwater Blue by EveLivesey Harvest Moon (hehe) Premade Background by EveLivesey

:star: Stock Groups

:iconstock-a-licious: :iconeccentricstock: :iconthe-stock-directory:

Hope you like the choices. I haven't put my reasons for each choice
because they speak for themselves. Great stock with the potential to be
greater still. That's all for now and I hope that this will keep you all
going for a while and that the folks here don't mind the feature.

Helena :onfire:

p.s i'll let you know if you're included as soon as i can, but it does tend to call me spam after a while.

Welcome to the 28th fantastic stock and where to find it feature. it's a lil early because my mom is going to be in hospital next week and it will be my birthday. Now, check out these great stocks, fave and follow but do please follow their rules of use :)
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DeadHeadStock Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
OOOOO Thank you so much! hehe my little fuzzies are very popular it seems xD
AshenSorrow Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:excited: Thank you sooo much for the wonderful Feature :iconsecrethandshakeplz: :iconweekenddanceplz: :iconhappybouncerplz:
 :woohoo: :iconthanksfeatureplz: :iconjoyplz:

chirinstock Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the feature :)
Momotte2stocks Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm really so honored ! :love:
TimelessFlight Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks sooo much for featuring me! :tighthug:
streamy-stock Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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Gwendolyn1-stock Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing feature! Thank you for including my work here! :love:
HelenaRothStock Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Professional Photographer
:happybounce: my pleasure
wintersmagicstock Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fabulous, thank you so much Helena for including me.

I hope all goes well for your mum in hospital next week :hug:
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