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Fantastic Stock and Where to Find It - Feature 30

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 9:13 AM

Happy New Year To All.

mmmm books... I've been making a collection of some of the brilliant stock artists
works that I have come across. It started off as stock I can't provide
myself so I look for other peoples so I can suggest them. The way I
choose is quite odd, when I see a stock image I have an instant image in
my head of what I could do or create out of that piece of stock. The
image also has to be crystal clear and easily altered.

Anyway, Check them out, I'm sure you'll agree, just click on their deviation.
Star! Animals :

Eunica sp. by CabinetCuriositiesPapilio sp. by CabinetCuriositiesCrow 1 by dierat-stock<da:thumb id="412353774"/><da:thumb id="411796148"/>American Kestrel 1 by fuguestockCaught a butterfly by spacecoffee<da:thumb id="403193185"/>s DSC2945 by VXLPhotographySaddled Chestnut stock by theSilverJackaL<da:thumb id="417513901"/>White Butterfly by Salamander-StockDaydreamer by FrankAndCarySTOCKSnailHD by vw1956stock<da:thumb id="412054137"/>Axis Deer II by darkcalypso-stockPanther Chameleon II by ParidesVeiled Chameleon Tail Stock by TalkStockPackage - Insect - 3 by resurgereBird 319 - great tit in the sun by Momotte2stocks FurWrapped by FurLined Camouflage by Elsapret Moth 1 by Lostsoulofonesbeauty 

Star! Models :
Mervilina by MervilinaPreacher 1 (11) by anyman82Preacher 1 (9) by anyman82The green fairy 13 by Chamarjin<da:thumb id="402287423"/>chinese girl~ by kizysemStories16 by faestockStories18 by faestockStock - Steampunk pirat woman 5 by S-T-A-R-gazerCHRD13_04.1 by jademacallas DSC2875 by VXLPhotographyAutumn 1 - stock by MirishFemale Agent STOCK III by PhelanDaviontrashed by jliorJason Baca rw0472 by jasonaaronbacaGeisha 3 by themuseslibraryKizy by kizysemIsobel 13 by kirileeKizy by kizysemFall Fairy 1 by Sitara-LeotaStockCherry Blossom~ by ArtemisAestheticSniper STOCK IX by PhelanDavionSteampunk Aristrocrat Lady Stock 003 by MADmoiselleMeliStockCassidy 12 by kawaiistockBella Muerta pt2 by LetzteSchatten-stockWitch set 2 by magikstockStock L 14 by Lada-KRWitch26 by faestockWitch17 by faestockKatana Stock 5 - Before and After the Battle by KaylaDavionRaven 3 by Sinned-angel-stockSyllienna stock 1 by charligal-stockLykkadis 6 by Liancary-StockKnight STOCK II by PhelanDavionblack swan by jliorIsabelle24 by faestocksilver dance by jliorThe Queen by anettfrozenUntitled by MariaAmandaLa Femme Musketeer 7 by kirileeDresden Wizard 2013-08-17 01 by skydancer-stockCapitol stock 4 by charligal-stockmiddle ages fairy by jlior23 by AshtrayheartRomina111111 by 13-Melissa-SalvatoreStock - Steampunk Pirat woman sideview by S-T-A-R-gazerAutumn Dream - Stock by MariaAmandaNili Tribal 4a by jagged-eyeFairy Stock III by Jumeria-NoxQueen Matilda 16 by kirileeElle Gypsy 4a by jagged-eyeQueen Matilda 11 by kirileeMadaley Selket stock november gothic victorian by MadaleySelketgothic  victorian STOCK Madaley Selket by MadaleySelketbaroque 2 by jliorsweet stock 1 by simoonapose 23 by simoonaWalking Dead Survivor STOCK I by PhelanDavionSTE_01 by jademacallaRegal by DoncellaSuicideAssault STOCK XV by PhelanDavionSTE_05 by jademacallaDori Warrior 1a by jagged-eye Thief 6 by CathleenTarawhiti Cecelia 1 by kirilee The power of belief 2 ( Stock) by robnote Green Dress  Stock I by GillianStock Winter Is Coming - Stock by MariaAmanda Sci-Rebel (32) by anyman82 Wings of Music - Stock by MariaAmanda lilac dance 2 by jlior Miss Clock Exclusives 7 - 400 Points by mizzd-stock Snow Queen stock 2 by charligal-stock Fae 2 by magikstock Fae 1 by magikstock 

Star! Nature :
new stock 84 by LexariusssorcalucardWaterscapes17 by oxygunWaterscapes16 by oxygunFlaming Sky 2nd by Burtn137 by MASYONFall Composition 2 by SanStockGrimm's Forest in October 11 by kuschelirmel-stockCold Light by BurtnKruger Park Blues - Exclusive Stock by somadjinnOver The Edge by BurtnStickstack Stock by BurtnRailway Tracks Stock by mindym306Scotland 6 by LeikyaStockMushrooms 20 by CD-STOCKUltra Violet Cabot Trail - Exclusive HDR Stock by somadjinnmoss stock 04 by hp-abrasionBeach Stock 15 by Cassy-BlueBodetal 5 by Capricornus60Background stock 11 by TreasureTroveGlacier stock 2 by SergibaWet Rocks | Pleasant Lake by bentolosaFootscape 2 by Pixy-StoksFrosted heuchera by buttercupminiaturesCanyon Stock 8 by xxPhoenixPhotography

Star! Texture :

atmosphere FREE texture pack by MarcelaBolivar Feather texture by FrankAndCarySTOCK  Ice Texture2 PLEASE CREDIT ON OUR STOCK ACCOUNT by CaryAndFrankArts Reptile Scale Reference by cravingotters Rusted Metal Texture Stock 7 by jojo22 Brick Wall Texture by jojo22 Wood bark pieces - texture by ThiagoVidal Digital Art Texture 56 by mercurycode 0821 by ooc-sdz W-out freetextures 7 ' future-breeze ' by W-out Texture 26 by NinjaRabbit-Stock Ifi's Texture 66 by IfispiritStock Watercolor - Stock Pack 1 by AuroraWienhold FROZEN - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK IV by AuroraWienhold Candy colored - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK - V by AuroraWienholdSTOCK glass beads stock image texture by Nexu4 Texture 424 by Sirius-sdz Texture 423 by Sirius-sdz Resource pack - Inkwash by Rhynn Flaking by mercurycode 

Star! Objects :
Victorian Pocketwatches II by TheoGothStockDSC06520 Mad Hatter's Hat 4 by wintersmagicstockStock - Objects - 17 by Slipknot1987Lormet-Masks-0762sml by Lormet-Imagesmy handmade glasses by LunaFelesLormet-Masks-0758sml by Lormet-ImagesHalloween 7 by jayderosalieDSC06764 Two of Cups by wintersmagicstockDSC06919 Ruby Slippers 1 by wintersmagicstockKite Festival Stock by mindym306BG 17 by CananStockDSC07230 Glass Slipper and Cushion 3 by wintersmagicstockDSC07158 Curiouser and Curiouser by wintersmagicstockDeath statue stock 2 by SkarthiStockOld-Fashioned Pram by EveLiveseyKeys stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-ArtGold pendant necklace jewelry stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Artbird brooch jewelry stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art
Blue diamond moon brooch jewelry stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art<da:thumb id="420255242"/> old fuel pumps4_stock by PatrickMcDonald1 old fuel pumps5_stock by PatrickMcDonald1 Silver stop watch necklace jewelry stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art 

Star! Architecture Int & Ex :

Mana 03 by CD-STOCKwater tower 2  ( Frose  Anhalt ) by Capricornus60Stone Stairs by kuschelirmel-stockRockStocks 11818 by RockStocksAbandoned 024 by neverFading-stockBrighton Pavillion 031 by VIRGOLINEDANCER1Over the bridge by buttercupminiaturesTropical fountain stock by sylvanidoirTropical forest exotic backgrounds 22 by sylvanidoir

Pisa Stock 04 by Malleni-StockPisa Stock 02 by Malleni-StockBackground 5 by Capricornus60Debod in Snow by EveLiveseyLormet-Trains-0459sml by Lormet-ImagesBackground 4 by Capricornus60Castle Duivenvoorde by Poulus1967La glorieta by Wendybell80Machu Picchu 2 by Wendybell80Quedlinburg - Wordgasse by Capricornus60alte Werkstatt by Capricornus60Grimesthorpe Castle by fuguestock<da:thumb id="418743195"/>Building Stock 5 by MareahSoncino by SergibaLormet-Architecture-0624sml by Lormet-Images Rocamadour - full view 4 by HermitCrabStock Rocamadour 2013 - Sanctuary by HermitCrabStock Rocamadour 2013 - Sanctuary 02 by HermitCrabStock Sleeping Boathouse 2nd by Burtn 

Star! Transport :

car26 by oxygunBright Red Tractor 1 by fuguestockSteampunk Stock 30 by CD-STOCKClassic Car 9 - MG by fuguestock

Star! Premades   :

Celestial Tower - Exclusive Premade Stock by somadjinnLavender Dolmen Sunset - Exclusive Premade Stock by somadjinnPremiumStock 39 by EveLiveseyZoo Waterfall II - Exclusive Winter Blue HDR by somadjinnEnchanted Stairway Premade.. by Alz-Stock-and-ArtAutumnal Roman Bridge by EveLiveseyThe Secret Garden Premade.. by Alz-Stock-and-ArtBlue Secret Garden by EveLiveseyWintery Waterscape Premade.. by Alz-Stock-and-ArtLittle Fisherman's House by EveLivesey 

Premade43 stock by pranile Premade49 stock by pranile Riverside Castle Premade.. by Alz-Stock-and-Art 

Star! Tutorials  :
Dark Wings Dark Words Evolution by kuschelirmel-stockClothing Wrinkles and Fabric Folding Reference by ConceptCookie

Star! Stock Groups

:iconstock-a-licious: :iconeccentricstock: :iconthe-stock-directory:

Hope you like the choices. I haven't put my reasons for each choice
because they speak for themselves. Great stock with the potential to be
greater still. That's all for now and I hope that this will keep you all
going for a while and that the folks here don't mind the feature.

Helena I'm on fire!

A Happy New Year to all, hope you've all had a great day with not too big a hangover. Here is the 30th Edition of Fantastic Stock and Where to find it. Resources, stock and tutorials from around DA that really do merit a  good looksee, fave or devwatch. Enjoy, and please be sure to follow the stock providers ToU's.

Helena :onfire:
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